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Who are we?

WebNyk (by Zlanyk Technologies) is a leading Digital Marketing Agency and Marketing company which employs the latest strategies to support businesses. We take over your Digital Marketing from top to bottom and provide services that will boost your sales and marketing divisions. We ensure that your digital marketing strategy is foolproof method to get you above your competition by enabling your business for success.

It’s not necessary for Digital Marketing to be a mystery. We have nice, approachable personnel at Zlanyk Technologies who are skilled in all facets of Digital Marketing and are innovative, enthusiastic, and passionate about what they do.
You don’t need to comprehend the more technical aspects of Marketing because they are specialists (unless you want to, in which case we’ll be pleased to explain).

While Marketing is not the only social media marketing strategy, it is one of the most successful ones. In order to do Digital Marketing, there are many factors that have to be taken into account. You just communicate your goals to our staff, and we put them into action!

Next-Level Website Development for your Business

Dazzling Digital Artistry

We don't just design websites; we paint digital masterpieces. Our designers wield pixels like brushes, crafting visually stunning online realms that captivate your audience from the very first click.

Code Wizards at Your Service

Behind the scenes, our developers are conjuring magic with code. They sculpt intricate functionalities that breathe life into your website, turning it into an interactive playground where your ideas come to life.

Your Dream, Our Blueprint

Imagine your dream website – now, picture it even better. Our team takes your vision, sprinkles it with creativity, and adds a dash of innovation. The result? A digital wonderland that surpasses even your wildest expectations.

Tech Talk in Human

We don't just speak tech; we speak your language. Complex jargon? That's ancient history. We communicate in plain English, translating geek speak into concepts you can grasp. No confusion, just clarity, every step of the way.

Our Technology Stack

Our Clients


Pitch - Dynamic Presentation Creation Platform:
Pitch, a visionary company aiming to revolutionize the way presentations are created, turned to Zlanyk Technologies to transform their concept into reality. With their innovative idea in mind, our team embarked on developing a web-based SaaS solution called SlideMaster. This platform empowered users to create visually stunning and engaging presentations effortlessly. By partnering with Zlanyk Technologies, Pitch gained a powerful tool in their arsenal, empowering users to craft professional presentations that leave a lasting impact.
Electrical Infrastructure Analysis Platform:
Zlanyk Technologies took on the challenge of developing a robust SaaS platform for investors and NGOs seeking to analyze a country's electrical infrastructure. Our platform provided valuable insights into areas lacking access to the central grid, population density, and estimated investment required to electrify specific regions. The development of this SaaS platform showcased our commitment to leveraging technology for social impact. By empowering investors and NGOs with actionable data, we enabled them to contribute to the electrification efforts and improve the quality of life in underserved communities.
An Ecommerce Platform
Zlanyk Technologies built a Ecommerce Platform for a company stretched across Middle East in Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates. By Partnering up with Zlanyk Technologies, our team of experts have come up with innovative ideas to showcase the products in the best possible way.
An Online CV Builder Platform
WebNyk Agency has built an Online CV Builder Platform for a company stretched across Middle East in Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates. By Partnering up with WebNyk, our team of experts have come up with creative ways to enable users to build their CV, Resume and Cover Letter in a matter of few minutes
Pitch - Dynamic Presentation Creation Platform:
Electrical Infrastructure Analysis Platform:
An Ecommerce Platform
An Online CV Builder

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