Restaurant Management System

A complete restaurant management system for Businesses related to the food industry such as Restaurant & Cafes etc.

Restaurant Management System


Restaurant management system is an important tool in the restaurant industry. It allows restaurant owners to manage their restaurants with ease. It has simplified the process of managing a restaurant.

It is important for restaurants to use a management system that is compatible with the website and point-of-sale (POS) systems for better efficiency in day-to-day operations .Since, this module lets you have control of all your data from one place, it saves time and eliminates data errors.

To equip restaurant with technology, Zlanyk has built a control management system that is purely built for restaurant, cafes and other food establishments.

Benefits of Restaurant Management System:

This system allows you to track orders, manage reservations and create reports with ease. With this system, you can easily keep track of your customer’s order history by viewing the order from any location. You can also manage your reservations online and automate your ordering process. This system is created to save time and it is easy to use.


Convenient Restaurant Management System

A centralized system for all restaurant functions from order tracking to reservation management and reports.

Restaurant Management System Dashboard
Restaurant Management System Dashboard 2


Complete Management Solution – One Platform.

For all kinds of restaurant, cafes or any food related business, BreadBiz serves as a complete effective management solution.


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