Point of Sales System

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Point of Sales System


Point of Sales (POS) is a system used by retail stores and restaurants to process sales transactions. Point of Sales systems are used to display product information, store prices, calculate fees and taxes, interface with cash registers and credit card readers, print receipts and other items.

Point of Sales (POS) systems are an integral part of the retail infrastructure. As a result they have been designed as robust applications that interact with various types of hardware devices, networks and enterprise applications in order to provide merchants with timely information about what products are available on store shelves, which inventory needs replenishing, and how much revenue is being generated by each product category.

The benefits of PoS to customers includes having a streamlined way of checkout and being able to track your purchases through a receipt or credit card statement. The benefits of PoS to retailers includes the ability to track sales data in real-time and using predictive analytics to make better business decisions.

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An integral part of the retail infrastructure.

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