A Pharmacy Management System

A user-friendly and adaptable management system for any type of pharmacy operation.

PharmPlus: A well-designed and easy to use Pharmacy Management System can help pharmacies stay on top of their inventory, billing and patient information. 

It should be used as a tool to help keep the work within the pharmacy easier. This is accomplished by storing all the necessary information in one place. The system should have features that are necessary for a pharmacy like inventory, billing and patient data. The system should also be customizable to suit what a pharmacist might need while they are working.

With the help of a this system, the work within the pharmacy can be more streamlined. It will help in a person’s workflow, their inventory, and their ordering. Pharmacy management systems are not just beneficial for the management of prescriptions but they also help with their inventory and ordering. That means that they can make it so much easier for the pharmacists to maintain an accurate inventory. They can also limit costly over-ordering.

This system is used by many pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies in order to maintain their inventory. It also backs up their ordering, billing and prescription reports. The Pharmacy Management System are more reliable than the paper-based systems.

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Pharmacy Management System Custom IT Solutions

Modules of PharmPlus: Pharmacy Management System

POS System of Pharmacy Management System

Point of Sales System

Utilize our smart sales function to control your daily sales.
Inventory Management  Pharmacy Management System

Inventory Monitoring

Check your stock levels quickly, effectively, and methodically.
Invoice Pharmacy Management System

Electronic Invoicing

Use the Invoicing Module to create both regular and point-of-sale invoices.
Report Generation

Report Generation

Generates quick organisation assistance for your patient reports.
Customer Management

Customer Management

Manages customer information, inventory, billing and reconciliation.
Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

A thorough system that gives the pharmacy's manager entire authority to run it effectively
HR Module

HR Module

Controls all aspects of the Human Resource Section's operations effectively.
Financial Control

Financial & Control Planning

Keeps accurate & thorough records of financial activities.

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