Digital Banking System:
A Complete Bank Management System

A user-friendly and adaptable management system to any type of Bank Operation.

Digital Banking System Custom IT Solutions


The Digital Banking Management System is a web-based interface for banks, offering the ability to manage their digital banking platforms.

The Digital Banking System usually runs on a server and manages customers’ online and mobile banking. It’s designed to handle all the different types of transactions that occur in digital banking: deposits, transfers, loans, investments and so on. A bank’s management system can be thought of as the central nervous system which conveys cash flow data to all points of contact with customers.

Increasing demand of easy banking solutions are pushing banks to be equipped with custom designed Digital Banking Systems that can effectively execute their day to day operations to run the bank smoothly hassle-free.

In this regard, Zlanyk has come up with a convenient digital management system with access to financial information without technical assistance, minimal data loss, and easy to use interface.

This digital banking system is a tool for financial institutions to help them with their work. It offers a range of features such as data analytics, banking services, workflows and reporting.

This system is designed to help banks with their routine tasks and save time on administration and reporting.


Flexible Digital Banking System

Surprisingly easy to use, that’s why we made our Digital Banking System, an all in one Management solution that was designed for banks.

Digital Banking System with front dashboard
Marketing Modules of Digital Banking System


Management & Marketing Solution – One Platform.

For all kinds of banks, DBS is built as a complete management & marketing solution..


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